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To provide the right Firearm for each individual shooter.  We understand that not one particular brand of gun, holster, or ammunition is going to meet everyone's needs.  Additionally, we want to provide the training needed to not only be a proficient shooter, but to also be a safe shooter.


Area 1 Guns was started on Jan 1, 2000 by Don Guge.  as a way to get firearms and ammunition for himself and a few friends.  With an on-site shooting rang, teaching CCH classes and his association with both Law Enforcement and the Military, demand for guns and ammo quickly increased.  It didn't take long for an actual shop to be built.  That's when things really started taking off.  Then Don met his soon to be wife, Barb.  She made the second dream come true by getting the in-door, police range started.  Now things really hit the stratosphere.  With everything painted camouflage, down to the camo BMW,  the "compound" is definitely an experience to behold.



Don Guge - Owner.  Full-time Law Enforcement Detective (22+ years in Law Enforcement), Combat  

        Engineer in the U.S. Army (Gulf War Veteran), Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, SCAT (Subject

        Control and Arrest Techniques) Instructor, Law Enforcement Driving Instructor, Taser Instructor,

        Masters Degree in Public Affairs with an emphasis in Criminal Justice, 42 years of shooting



Barb Guge - Manager.  With 20+ years of medical experience, Barb's main job is to keep Don focused. 

        Barb handles scheduling, orders, and anything that deals with technology.   Without question, Barb's

        job is the hardest of them all.

Robert Courtney -  A former Marine, Robert comes to the table with the Hunter's perspective.  Robert

        handles any of the re-loading needs.  Robert's main job is to make sure no one shoots Don in the

        back during training.  Semper Fi.

TJ Bailey - A mechanical genius, TJ seems to be able to fix any gun.  Though Don didn't know it when he

        met TJ, TJ went to high school with Barb in New York.  TJ's main job is to fix whatever Don doesn't

        have time to focus on.